Monday, 30 December 2013

ToMG Week ... whatever number we're on now :P

So this is my latest hand in, I've added in a Chaplain (who doesn't love a mad priest who makes your combat unit stabbier), my Thunderfire with Techmarine as well as an entire Imperial Guard Detachment. OK I cheated with the Guard, they're re-based ones from last years ToMG, but they've only been put in to shut certain people (person) up. Now for some pics:

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Todays Pics

The pics from todays game. 12x8 table with 5v3, allies vs axis at over 10k per side. Had to cut it short but it was a good game with many laughs unlike the apoc 40k games.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

We shall fight them on the tables

On friday i'm heading down to the local club for an annual event. It's the annual Flames of War game where several of us take a 16 foot by 8 foot table, place everything in our armies on the short edges and spend a whole day just playing 1 massive game of blow up as much as you can. It's probably the only time my artillery will ever be out of range :P

I'll try and get some pics taken and uploaded, although some armies (my Brits included) wont be painted or are painted badly, it'll be awesome to see so many players and models in a single game just there to have a laugh. I've got roughly 5k if i remember correctly but that isn't much when someone is taken 15k of Russians.

Friday, 20 December 2013

A Crushing Blow

Today i suffered what I feel to be my first major defeat. I have been defeated before but not like this, not 16-2. The small unit sizes and reliance on (albeit only a couple of) reserves coupled with bad dice rolls doomed me from the start. While I am proud of taking down the stormraven and dreadknight and almost a purifier squad (1 stubborn knight refused to be killed off) I have decided to use scouts only rarely. They can't hit the broadside of a battle barge from 3 feet away with a homing rocket launcher if they tried. full rounds of shooting with them each turn for the whole game, only about 7 hits none of which did any damage.

Need more marines and a stormraven for definite. Here's hoping for a strikeforce for christmas :)

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Tales Hand In Number 4

So the fourth ToMG hand in was the other day and this time round it's Inquisition Week. So added in is an Inquisitor, His Henchmen and a Valkyrie to carry them around. Henchmen are simple, a Jokaero and some Stormtroopers. Ever seen 30" range hot shot lasguns? Nope me neither, I keep rolling rending with the monkey but it will happen one day :P

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Clan Raukaan - A First Look

So i've finally got my hands on the Raukaan supplement and i'm quite happy with it. Firstly you get a load of background which the Iron Hands were lacking. Secondly the relics are much better than codex ones. Gorgons Chains for example, they have the same effect as the shield eternal but +1 to FNP instead of adamantium will. As the character looses wounds it's effects get weaker, but when hammer time has 2 wounds left he still has a 3+ invul just no eternal warrior which probably wont matter when he's that low on health. It also leaves his other hand free which means he can take another weapon. I'm thinking lightening claw for +1 attack (2 specialist weapons) and he can then hit normal guys at normal initiative and save the hammer for the big guys. To trade the shield for the claw and chains takes him up from 240 to 250 points, back down to 240 if i take his digital weapons off of him as well. that's not bad at all.

Other relics include Minforge Stave, 15 points for a force thunder hammer that is not a specalist weapon. Not bad, just need a libby to start putting this to use. May use it at an invasion event. Then there is Betrayers Bane, a 25 point master crafted combi-melta that can fire the melta shots as many times as I want. About time marines started taking spare ammo for their guns :)

Finally warlord traits. All but 2 of them will benefit hammer time much more from these than marine or rulebook ones. +1 feel no pain, fearless, crusader bubble. They'll all be more welcome than fear and marines in 12" using his leadership for morale.

Overall I think i'm going to like using this supplement.