Battle Report 01 - IH vs BA

Iron Hands (Me) VS Blood Angels (Glenicorn) - 31/10/2013

This was a 605 point battle between me and the infamous Glenicorn and my first time actually using Iron Hands.

Iron Hands List
Chapter Master - 240 (Rights of War)
Deployment, Glen on the right myself in the blue building
  • Shield Eternal
  • Thunder Hammer
  • Artificer Armour
  • Digital Weapons
Tactical Squad 1 - 135
  • Combi-Grav
  • Melta Bomb
  • Grav Gun
  • Drop Pod
Tactical Squad 2 - 130
  • Combi-Plasma
  • Plasma Gun
  • See, here I am
  • Drop Pod
Thunderfire Cannon - 100 

Blood Angels List
Captain - 150 (Legendary Fighter)
  • Jump Pack
  • Power Weapon
  • Hand Flamer
Sanguinary Priest - 75
  • Jump Pack
Assault Squad 1 - 115
  • Power Weapon
Assault Squad 2 - 115
    The end of Turn 1, Glen isn't too happy
  • Power Weapon
Baal Predator - 150 
  • Flamestorm Cannon
  • Heavy Flamer Sponsons
  • Stormbolter
Turn 1
The plasma squad with my warlord lands down in between his assault squads. This is where I went wrong as this should have been the grav squad and warlord but it worked out in the end. Anyway after landing they decimate the squad his Captain is in by knocking it down to a single, normal marine and his warlord.
The Turn 1 combat at the end.
Both of his units charged me, the only thing they could really do. I knocked the Captains last body guard out in overwatch and his sarge challenged mine and slaughtered the poor Iron Hand. Master Hammer Time however got 3 precision strike hits (4 hits in total) and used them to take out the Sanguinary Priest (who failed Look out Sir's) as well as 2 normal guys. Some normal guys did some stuff too.

Oh yeah and the thunderfire completely missed everything.

Turn 2
The second pod lands behind the Baal pred hoping to knock some hull points off of the rear armour but don't do anything. The thunderfire however manages to glance it once. Back in the combat and his Sarge challenges Master Hammer Time who precedes to remove the stupid Sarge's torso from the rest of his body. He didn't need that anyway right?
Bye bye tank. You will not be missed.
Glen's go. He turns the burny tank of burny death around to burn some marines and flame grills 2 of them with the other 3 being ok with this. Guess they must have been right dicks to the rest of the squad. Back in the main combat and now the Cap'n is getting annoyed and decides to 1v1 Hammer Time. Hammer then politely disintegrates Cap'n's skull to prove why you should wear a helmet or lots of bionics in combat, even though a helmet wouldn't have helped much anyway.

Turn 3
This is the final turn. Not much to say really. Thunderfire glances the Pred, squad charges it, krak grenades wreck it. Glen takes it appart as it was only dry-fitted. Probably why it was so easy to wreck.

Anyway it was a good game and we both had fun. I need to remember what my squads are supposed to shoot at and glen needs to remember THE RED THIRST as it could have helped him out.

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